Sunday, 8 March 2015

REVIEW: Vaude Splash 2012 (20 + 5 litre)

I bought a Vaude bag in 2009 and used it for commuting on my bike, walking to work or even as my weekend bag when I went travelling. On numerous occasions I cycled with about 7km of meat in my backpack home from work. Needless to say when the zip kept on stripping as I was about to leave the house, it was time for me to say goodbye to my good old faithful backpack. If an item ever went into negative depreciation then that was my blue backpack! 

Backpacks don't come cheap, but when you use it for 6 years it is worth buying one that will last you a decent amount of time.

As my previous bag got a bit heavy at times I was looking to go a bit smaller, but eventually bought the same size as I was just not willing to sacrifice on the side pockets! I usually put my water bottle in on the one side and my coffee Keep Cup in the other. 

The newer version of the Splash that I previously owned are brilliantly designed. Instead of having a bigger space for luggage at the bottom of the bag, they have created this space at the top which means the weight distribution doesn't all sit on your lower back! 

They have used better material for the side pockets. 

The air flow gap that they create with a wire frame between your back and the bag is great for keeping you cool and keeping the bag in place. 

Extendable straps to keep the contents of you bag in tacked is well placed and very useful when you use the expandable area. 

The outside pockets are much better organised and leans it self to a whole new level of organisation within the bag. 

The front lower pocket works great for toiletries. Side top front bag is wonderful for personal valuables as it is hidden underneath the helmet holder. The top front bag is great for all other miscellaneous items like earrings and make-up when you commute into work.

This bag also features a pocket containing a rain cover, high visibility, a hook for you to attach a light. On the inside it also has a compartment for a water reservoir or you could use this as a place to put your laptop if you needed to travel it with you. 

The only feature I don't really use is the pocket on the waist band, others might find it useful. Personally I don't have something suitable to put in it yet 

Normally I would be the first person to say that two backpacks are excessive, but both my backpacks has a purpose and it saves me not to have to transfer all my belongings from one bag to the other.

I truly love this bag for it's practicality and not just it's colour.   

I was so  impressed with this bag that I bought my friend a blue one. His requirements were, I need to be able to fit my laptop and my Bible in. I think he got a little more than what he asked for. :-) 
His & Hers

Julie & I bike packing with both my bags!

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